Meet the Team

The staff of Rossmore are enthusiastic and passionate about their work. They offer a friendly service and are keen to see all animals cared for in the best possible manner.

Dr. Ted Humphries

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc (hon) MRCVS (Lon))

Ted has worked at Rossmore Vet Centre since it opened in 1985. He remains RVCs managing Veterinarian and has had a wide experience in all surgery and medicine of animals. He is a distinguished graduate of Sydney University and maintains a close relationship with staff in the veterinary school and the wider institution as a whole.

Dr. Mervyn Stein

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc.)

Dr Mervyn graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa forty six years ago. He has been working at RVC since 2005. He previously conducted his own practice in South Africa for twenty five years. He enjoys the wide variety of species he sees at Rossmore. He is a very capable small and large animal surgeon.

Dr. Cindy Au

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc.)

Dr Cindy joined RVC in 2015 and enjoys the busy and interesting workload and helping sick and injured animals through their ordeals. She is highly empathic and a capable and thorough veterinarian.

Dr Lina Bae

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc.)

Dr Lina graduated from Sydney University in 2019 and joined RVC. She is highly motivated and an euthanasic young veterinarian and her skill level is growing rapidly she shows a great feeling for her patients and does everything to assist them and their owners.

Dr. Robert Karacsonyi

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc.)

Robert graduated from the Veterinary School at Sydney University in 1990 and has enjoyed practicing veterinary medicine and surgery since. He finds the challenges presented by a wide variety of species and conditions in mixed practice stimulating and interesting. Particular interests include racing animals and surgery of small animals.

Dr. Kevin Shulman

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc.)

Dr Kevin is originally from Zimbabwe and qualified in South Africa in 1977. He worked for ten years in Zimbabwe and a further twenty five years in Israel. During this time in both countries, he worked in the University systems and in private practice. In 2011, Dr Kevin came to Australia and began work in the RVC group where he has worked ever since. He is a very capable small and large animal surgeon and clinician.

Dr George Gwaze

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc.)

Dr George only recently joined RVC after emigrating from Zimbabwe many years ago. Dr George worked in New Zealand for several years before coming to Australia. He is experienced in large and small animal clinical work .

Dr Zoe Wong

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc.)

Dr Zoe graduated from Murdoch University in Western Australia in 2018 and joined RVC. She is particularly passionate about horses and exotic pets.

Hayley Scott

Veterinary Nurse

Hayley has worked at RVC for eight years. She now is a mum and works part time. She has a large menagerie of animals at home, both large and small.

Amanda Schuberg

Veterinary Nurse

Amanda is a qualified Cert IV vet nurse and has worked at RVC for more than ten years. She has made many friends with clients and their animals over the years and has learnt to expand her skill levels to give the best possible care to animals. She now has a young family of three who make pleasant demands on her time.

Rebecca Mc Fadden

Rebecca has been working as a student vet nurse for one year at RVC. She is a quick learner and is doing very well. She has a particular soft spot for large dogs and greyhounds.

Tara Siciliano

Tara been working at RVC for five years, starting as a work experience student and working her way through to a Cert IV vet nurse. She has always had a passion for animals from when she was young and looks forward to a lifelong career in the field. Her favourites are German Sheppard and Boxer dogs.

Nikita Steller

Nikita started at RVC as a volunteer studying animal studies. She has now transiting to vet nursing and is undertaking Cert IV. She looks forward to learning new skills in her chosen field.


Office Manager

Loren has recently joined RVC as our office manager and administrator. She has twenty years experience in the field and is a welcome addition to the team.

Kelly Adamson

Assistant Nurse

Kelly has worked at RVC for more than five years, beginning as a work experience student and proceeding to become a Cert IV vet nurse. She loves all animals, particularly greyhounds and chihuahuas. She has a house full of four legged pets and is still thrilled to work with animals every day.

Dianne Hooper

Dianne has worked at RVC for twelve years and carries out nursing duties. She also supervisors boarders and providers invaluable assistance to animals and their owners. She demonstrates an enduring love of animals.

Sharnese Hazel

Veterinary Nurse

Sharnese has been working as a vet nurse for seven years, mostly with horses. She joined RVC one year ago and is committed to her work which she thoroughly enjoys.

Hailey Griffith

Veterinary Nurse

Hailey is a qualified Cert IV vet nurse and has worked at RVC since leaving school seventeen years ago. She still really enjoys all aspects of her work and continues to have a love of animals and meeting their needs.

Ron Taylor

Ron joined RVC a year ago and helps with uncontrollable animals and ensured RVC facilities are in top shape and able to service the needs of our client and their animals He is particularly adept at handling aggressive animals and his assistance is invaluable. Always helpful and kind to animals and clients