Bringelly Vet

A dedicated private vet practice for Bringelly locals

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Your pet is in expert care with Rossmore

We understand how important it is that family animals live healthy and happy lives, and there is nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to veterinary care. In the hands of our friendly team, your pet will be treated with the respect and love that they deserve, no matter their background or health condition.

Our empathy and understanding extend to include rescue dogs and bred dogs alike, along with animals who have a range of health needs.

Here for Bringelly animals both big and small

Improving your pet’s health is our mission

As a fully equipped private vet practice, we can have your animal checked out, diagnosed, and treated in one clinic, including surgery if necessary. This is especially beneficial for anxious or very unwell animals who don’t have the emotional bandwidth to adjust to a new place every time they need a check-up.

We are keen to provide a comprehensive range of services to the pets of Bringelly.

Rossmore Vet Hospital is located just 6 minutes drive, 5.7km away in Rossmore on Bringelly Road.

You can have your visit with less stress, not having to force your anxious dog to endure a long car ride or keep your busy cat in a carrier for too long. This will make your next appointment simpler as your pet begins to understand that the vet isn’t far away and they will soon be welcomed into a comfortable space.

At Rossmore veterinary hospital, we are passionate about providing a high level of care for pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Everyone within our team pays close attention to detail to make your appointment stress free, positive, and fruitful.

We are capable of providing specialty care with accurate diagnostic services, the latest equipment, the best training, and a lifetime of invested veterinary experience.


Local NSW Vets

New South Wales is abuzz with families living busy and productive lives. With a dog in mostly every backyard – a dedicated veterinary practice with the latest equipment and skilled veterinary surgeons has never been more crucial.

Everyone who works within our veterinary practice is invested in the wellbeing of your pet. Having accurate diagnostic services and a skilled, equipped team in a veterinary hospital within minutes of your home can be priceless if disaster, injury, or illness strikes.

Standard Veterinary Care

  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite control
  • Microchipping
  • Dentistry
  • Washing & Grooming
  • Behavioural Advice
  • Specialist Referrals

Acute Specialty Care

  • Ultrasonography
  • Imaging
  • Anaesthesia and pain relief
  • Animal pathology
  • Desexing
  • Heart worming
  • Orthopaedic surgery

Visit our team today…

Our practice serves animals from all across Sydney, as our team is more than capable of treating even the trickiest conditions. The search is over for the attention, love, and care that your furbaby needs in Bringelly NSW.

We are available seven days a week and have 24/7 emergency vets available if you need assistance outside of standard hours, including Saturday and Sunday.

Contact our friendly team to make your next appointment or to find out more about our Bringelly Road vet practice.

Improve the health and quality of life for your pet. Contact our friendly Rossmore Vet staff today


Frequently Asked Questions

Should my dog have regular check-ups?

A regular check-up at least annually is a great service to dogs of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and breeds.

This will allow your vet to track any breed-specific concerns, behavioural issues and keep on top of vaccinations.

Where are you located in Sydney?

We are keen to service as many Sydney locals as possible and with our central location in Rossmore we can achieve this. Click here for our location and contact details.

When are you open?

We are open between 8 am – 7.30 pm during business hours Monday to Friday and between 9 am – 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

We offer an additional emergency vet service for pets who find themselves needing care outside of standard hours.

Do you offer a puppy training service?

Your search is over for a vet who offers both healthcare and well-being with our puppy training service.

Our puppy pre-school offers a great place for your puppy to learn expectations and behaviour, along with general life skills such as toileting and basic commands.

Do you perform high-level surgery?

Yes, we are able to provide complete solutions in most situations including intensive surgeries and orthopaedic surgery.

Whatever you and your pet need, Rossmore Vet Hospital can help.

Your search is over for a local vet who will treat your animal like their own. Available Monday to Friday and across the weekend, we are just a phone call away.

Our 24/7 emergency vet is open at all hours to provide comprehensive vet care Sydney-wide.

Contact us today to experience the Rossmore Vet Hospital difference.