About Rossmore Vet Hospital


Rossmore Vet Hospital – Serving Your Pets since 1986

Rossmore vet commenced operations in Jan 1986 and a purpose build hospital was completed in Jan 1987.

The vets were two in number and treated a wide variety of animals, particularly animals owned by local small farmers. However, many of these farmers are no longer in operation since ceasing operations due to residential development.

From farm animals to neighbourhood pets…

Because of the influx of residential properties within the area, the our vets continued to be in demand within Rossmore and surrounding local suburbs.

Rossmore Vet Hospital continues to grow and today, our team is made up of 10 veterinarians and 35 staff members.

Keeping up with the local pet community…

Meet the Team at Rossmore Vet Centre

The demand for vet services is continuing to increase as the population of the surrounding areas grow.

The hospital offers a wide variety of services, both medical and surgical in nature. Many of the vets who work at Rossmore are highly experienced and have been in the profession for 30-50 years.

We also have fresh young veterinarians who bring enthusiasm and an eagerness to increase their skills. They are assisted by a highly skilled and dedicated nursing team many of whom have reached middle age having worked at Rossmore Vet since leaving school.

Veterinarians with 30-50 years experience

The entire staff are committed to the best possible care and attention to the animals treated.

More recently, to the animal holding facilities are being utilised by pounded animals and are pleased to be able to assist these animals to find new owners. 

Rossmore vet centre treats a wide range of animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, farm animals