Prestons Vet

A full-scale veterinary practice, just minutes from Prestons NSW

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Our dedicated team provides you with:

  • Fully equipped examination rooms
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • A surgery clinic
  • Innovation for the best possible care

Your Pet’s Health and Wellness is Our Passion

Caring for pets all throughout Prestons

All of our veterinary surgeons, nursing staff, and customer service staff members are driven to provide the best veterinary care for your family. We offer a broad range of services for animals large and small and work with a high level of compassion and understanding from your very first visit. Whether your dog or cat has a small issue or needs major care, we can help.

Our veterinarians are industry veterans and have truly seen it all when it comes to pet care.

Our service is comprehensive from diagnosis to treatment, including surgery, so your pet can feel calm and confident at every step of their health journey. One visit to our veterinary clinic and we’re sure you’ll have peace of mind and confidence about your pet’s health or their journey through treatment.

Our vets offer 24/7 on-call emergency care or appointments at a date and time that suits you.


Skilled Veterinary Surgeons on Prestons Doorstep

With a skilled team of surgeons and nursing staff just minutes away, your pet doesn’t have to put up with pain or discomfort for a moment longer than necessary. Animals in distress are often hard to negotiate with even for the most experienced vets. Keeping their travel time as short as possible before and after their visit to the vet is always the safest and most recommended course of action.

Our 24/7 on-call vets and veterinary surgeons are available whenever you need them, whether your cats get into a vicious fight or you suspect your dogs have eaten something they shouldn’t have.

If disaster strikes and we need to treat your pet for ticks or after an accident, you can be confident that we will support you through recovery and keeping your pet healthy. There are many illnesses and injuries that require life-saving interventions as soon as possible to allow the best chance at a full recovery.

With our fully equipped vet practice and veterinary surgeons on your doorstep, help is never far away.

Here to maintain your pet’s general health

  • Vaccinations
  • Vet health & nutrition services
  • Health check from nose to tail
  • Tick and flea control for cats and dogs
  • Pet dentistry
  • Microchipping for all animals
  • Vet supported training and behavioural advice

Unique services for complete pet health

  • Pet ultrasonography
  • Specialist vet referrals
  • Vet pathology service
  • Dental services for all animals
  • Pet desexing
  • Pet heart worming
  • Orthopaedic veterinary surgeons

Caring and professional vet help is here for Prestons’ pets

Ever since Prestons’ conception in the early 1910s, the town has been known as a family-friendly place to live. Located at an ideal junction for access to the M5 and M7 and with an easy connection to Liverpool and Camden, Prestons has grown and thrived since its early days as a single post-office town.

With the growth of populations and residential areas comes an influx of families and of course – family pets. Our vets are excited with each Prestons pet that walks through our doors, from the smallest cat to the biggest dog and everything in between.

Help when you need it – minutes away from Prestons

Your local Rossmore veterinary surgeons are just 9.9 kilometres from Prestons, with quick access via Bringley Road, putting our vets a short 11-minute journey away. This distance is particularly favourable for nervous pets who don’t enjoy the car. For those dogs who love sticking their head out the window, Camden Valley Way provides a slightly longer route at 15 minutes.

With a fully equipped and highly trained crew of veterinary surgeons and nurses, our practice is set up to handle the treatment of most pet woes. From extensive illnesses to the resetting of broken bones or just routine vaccinations, there is little we can’t do.

Commitment proven by experience

With years of experience spanning decades, our vets are educated in up-to-date research, innovative diagnostic technology, and the latest in comfort techniques to keep your pets happy and calm. With specialist technology on-site, our veterinary surgeons can perform even the most detailed care with difficult surgeries and quick diagnostics.

We aim to keep the time between your pet’s appointment and treatment short so that you can get back to enjoying your pet worry-free. Keeping the care of your pet in one place will ensure each note and all details about your vaccinations, check-ups, and special preferences is kept safe, secure, and easily accessible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why type of animals do you care for?

Whether you need care after hours or at a specific time, our professional veterinary surgeons are ready to help any pet.

We help all animals large or small – small dogs, giant breed dogs, cats, and other unique creatures. We understand that many different breeds have different needs and can cater to them appropriately.

From the chiropractic needs of a dachshund to the nutritional needs of a giant breed dog, we have the training and know-how to give your pet years of healthy living.

What area of Sydney are you located in?

Our vet clinic is located on 651 Bringelly Road Rossmore NSW Australia.

Our professional vets are only 12-15 minutes away from Prestons.

When are you open?

We are happy to provide care for your pet, any day of the week.

Additionally, we have an emergency vet available around the clock whenever your pet experiences a last-minute emergency.

Do you perform surgery?

Yes! Our surgical clinic is fully equipped to assist any animal that requires minor or major surgery.

Whatever you and your pet need, Rossmore Vet Hospital can help.

As a top-rated vet clinic in New South Wales, Australia, we are excited to provide excellent pet care to the families of Camden.

We are open to new clients across Sydney.

Contact us today to experience the Rossmore Vet Hospital difference.