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A dedicated veterinary clinic just minutes away

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Your Pets Will Experience The Following:

  • Fully equipped examination rooms
  • Highly trained and professional vets
  • Incredible pathology services
  • A comprehensive surgical clinic
  • Compassionate care for every animal

High-Quality Care for Your Furry Friend

As your local veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to the comprehensive care of pets, large and small. Our location in Rossmore NSW is within easy driving distance for Green Valley families, just 20 minutes away. A fully equipped veterinary hospital with an experienced team close by can form an essential asset for patients and their carers, allowing them to avoid prolonged pain or discomfort.

Our veterinary nurses and vets are trained and experienced in various procedures, from vaccinations to invasive surgeries. Our focus and priority to ensure good health and optimum comfort for your pet never falters.

Our experienced team work with compassion and are passionate about providing comprehensive care to animals from a range of backgrounds of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Contact our staff today to ensure your pet gets the best veterinary care.

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Quality Care for Local Pets

We come highly recommended for Green Valley and its surrounding suburbs based on our reputation built over years of service for Sydney’s animals. Our veterinarians are passionate and skilled in a wide range of services, and we strive to provide a solution for whatever your pet needs.

Whether you’re visiting for your annual check-up appointment, experiencing an emergency, or your pet needs surgery – you will find the best care at our Rossmore practice.

We are the only local practice that welcomes walk-in appointments, offering a valuable service to local pets, whether they need access to a comprehensive examination or even extensive surgery. From broken legs in big-breed dogs to cats who have gotten into mischief, we are committed to providing the best care around the clock.

Standard Services For Quality Care

  • Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs
  • Ultrasonography
  • Parasite control
  • Microchipping
  • Pathology
  • Dental Services
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Aqua Therapy

Refer to our healthcare services for a full list of how we can help your pet. We also provide pet well-being services such as nail clipping, washing & grooming, behavioural advice and more.

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cat at the vet

Specialist Services For Complete Care

  • Desexing
  • Orthopaedic Surgeries
  • Soft Tissue Repair
  • Ophthalmic (eye care)
  • 24/7 Emergency On-Call Vet

Learn more about our pet surgical services.

Your Pet is Our Top Priority

We don’t want pets to be in pain or discomfort for a second too long. Simple procedures such as vaccinations and dental care should be readily accessible so you can prevent illness and harm, keeping your pet in good health for life.

With the ability to welcome you whether you walk in or book with our staff, our practice is well-positioned to provide the care that all animals deserve.
We have experience working with incredibly anxious and excitable animals. We do all we can to ensure their comfort and confidence from the moment they walk in through their entire experience with our vets.

With specialist equipment on site, our services cover everything your pet needs for a long and happy life.

Our experience covers the vast range of pets who live in NSW, from the many different breeds of dogs to unique cats and even our reptile friends. Our vets will tailor your pet’s treatment and experience to suit their health status and personality to ensure nothing is missed and every need is covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age can I desex my puppy/kitten?

Desexing your pets is essential for their health and being a responsible pet owner. This service is generally available from 4 months of age but can be done anytime to prevent reproduction.

What worming treatment is recommended for my dog or cat?

All pets require worming, even if inside only. Our practice stocks a range of options for worming, including tablets and injections to keep your pet healthy.

What food should I feed my dog?

Dogs generally have a relatively simple diet, made up of dry food, wet food, or a combination, based on their body type. Our vets can recommend the best food for your dog, and we stock a range of Hills Science Diet to cover your pet’s nutritional needs.

Do you run a puppy school? Do I need to put my puppy through puppy school?

Yes, we run a puppy school service, which comes highly recommended by our vets to help your animal to blend seamlessly with your family dynamic.

Do you provide dental care?

Yes, our vets provide dentistry, including the remedy of extensive breed-related issues and simple annual cleaning. In addition, dentistry is essential to caring for your dog or cat to prevent a wide range of mouth-related illnesses.

Whatever you and your pet need, Rossmore Vet Hospital can help.

As a top-rated vet clinic in New South Wales, Australia, we are excited to provide excellent pet care to the families of Green Valley.

We are open to new clients across Sydney.

Contact us today to experience the Rossmore Vet Hospital difference.